Overhead Systems

千蠃国际网址 Space-Efficient Automation for Fashion, E-Commerce, and Retail

千蠃国际网址 Dematic Overhead Systems help apparel and retail companies fill store replenishment and e-Commerce orders quickly and efficiently. These flexible and scalable systems automatically store, transport, sort, and sequence individual items in support of omni-channel and multichannel order fulfilment operations.

千蠃国际网址 Dematic Overhead Systems process complex consumer orders easily by organizing store replenishment orders by size, colour, and department for fast, efficient stocking. By using otherwise unused overhead space, these systems require less square footage. Smaller distribution centres can therefore be located closer to customers in higher priced real estate locations.

Benefits of Dematic Overhead Systems

  • Buffers inventory to optimise performance at the loading and packing stations
  • Sorts and sequences items, both wave and waveless order fulfilment strategies
  • Routes items easily and quickly through even the most complex system layouts
  • Eliminates the manual process of unfolding items and putting them on hangers
  • Integrates with automated or manual inventory systems to accommodate a wide range of applications
  • Provides a simple way to receive and store returned goods and seamlessly re-introduce them into the order fulfilment process

Dematic Overhead Systems Provide Real-World 千蠃国际网址

Dematic Overhead Systems make it easy for operators to combine discrete elements of an order and to fulfil both retail and e-Commerce orders at one station. Regardless of the number of items in an order, operators only have to pull the required items out of the pouches or off the hangers as they arrive to pack them. And because the items are delivered from overhead, there is plenty of working space for operators to perform other value-added services.


Garment on Hanger System

The Garment on Hanger System is an overhead storage, transport, and sortation system for fast and easy storage, retrieval, sortation, and consolidation of customer orders.

System Types

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Case Study


The Challenge:
千蠃国际网址Arvato needed a solution that supports store replenishment and direct to consumer orders from a single distribution center. The solution also needed to seamlessly integrate the returns process into the fulfillment process to make the returned goods available for re-sale and picking immediately.

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