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Benefits of a Dematic SAP Implementation


千蠃国际网址With varying markets and company changes, logistics demands can change quickly. Therefore it is very important that solutions be designed to cope with basic modifications, such as automation of manual processes, or that the implementation of a new picking method can be accomplished easily. Dematic solutions are adaptable so that investments are protected.

System administration

System administration of SAP solutions can be covered by already available SAP system administrators. Additional help can be provided by the inexpensive remote assistance functions offered by Dematic.

SAP EWM update stability 

千蠃国际网址Dematic focuses on standards. When implementing SAP, only interfaces provided by SAP are applied (IDocs, RFCs, BadIs, customer functions, etc.). As a result, our applications are designed to minimise risk of interruption when SAP updates its EWM system.

High quality standards and system security

千蠃国际网址Planning and implementation of Dematic projects are quality controlled. Customers benefit right from the beginning: from professional consultation and smooth commissioning to the point of reliable site operation with low downtimes and minimised service efforts.

High system availability

千蠃国际网址In addition to the stability of SAP systems, Dematic uses its own safety mechanisms for mechatronics which provide a controlled warm start in case of a plant shutdown.


Dematic performs a TCO analysis when planning and implementing logistics systems. Many projects have produced a fast ROI, quickly improving competitiveness of our customers.

Dematic 千蠃国际网址 

Added value from your lifecycle partner

After commissioning, Dematic offers comprehensive support for your system solution including hardware and software. On demand 24-hour service is available all year long. With the customer’s approval, support and monitoring of the software can be carried out via remote maintenance. This service can be offered at a reasonable price since travel expenses do not apply.  

Maintenance 千蠃国际网址

  • Technical phone support 24/7, remote maintenance
  • Diagnostic inspection and troubleshooting
  • Software updates, system support
  • Emergency services
  • Supplemental resident support
  • Consulting & training

Maintenance Based 千蠃国际网址

  • Handling of change requests
  • Modernisation and upgrading
  • Service consulting
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