Durable Manufacturing

Efficient Material Flow 千蠃国际网址 for Production Logistics

Dematic helps manufacturers manage the specific needs of the production environment, including effective use of floor space, just-in-time strategies, balancing/sequencing of material flow, labor ergonomics, and high system uptime.

千蠃国际网址Each Dematic solution created for Durable Manufacturing has a modular, scalable design and strategic management software that provides real-time control, visibility, and operational insight.

Durable Goods Manufacturing Trends

  • Continuous need to balance production capability and flexibility with capacity
  • Automation improvements necessary to control labor costs
  • Lean and just-in-time strategies
  • Re-shoring of manufacturing operations
  • Order accuracy and fulfillment & replenishment speed critical for inbound material and line side replenishment
  • Software systems must manage global sourcing and provide supply chain visibility
Durable Manufacturing

How Dematic Can Help

Dematic provides solutions that keep your manufacturing processes moving. As logistics experts, Dematic works with you to leverage technology and software knowledge to develop the right solution. Whether you manufacture industrial components, electronics & appliances, vehicles, or heavy machinery, Dematic solutions optimize your processes — inbound receiving, materials storage, work-in-process staging, kitting, finished inventory storage, and shipping.

Dematic Durable Manufacturing solutions include:

  • Automated systems that optimize processes — inbound receiving, materials storage, work-in-process staging, kitting, finished/sub-assembly inventory storage, and shipping
  • Advanced material flow software to manage inventory storage and movement within the facility
  • Real-time monitoring and control of material movement and storage
  • Automation to maximize labor efficiency, provide excellent ergonomics, and reduce costs
  • Balanced production capabilities
  • Capacity flexibility to accommodate future growth and operational changes
  • High-density, compact storage and buffering subsystems
  • Warehouse and distribution system capabilities for manufacturing facilities
White Paper

Automating the Last Mile in Manufacturing

千蠃国际网址 Demand for labor tightens as the economy grows and the pool of available workers shrinks. Automation is an obvious answer — the question is, where and how?

Durable Manufacturing - Efficient Material Flow 千蠃国际网址 for Production Logistics | DEMATIC North America 2020-03-23-千蠃国际官方网址


Case Study

AER Manufacturing

The Challenge:
AER Manufacturing builds all components and completes final assembly of OEM replacement motors for major automobile manufacturers. AER replaced an aging AGV system with Dematic Compact Tuggers.

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