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SAP Transport ManagementWith increasing globalization, supply chains are getting faster and more complex. With Transportation Management SAP offers a special module within SAP SCM which includes all activities associated with the physical movement of goods from one place to another.

千蠃国际网址With SAP Transportation Management, you calculate freight costs based on actual shipments and freight rates. This information can then be used to check the calculations of shipping agencies and other service providers.

Dematic provides a comprehensive knowledge - from internal logistics to global transport logistics.

With SAP Transport Management you can:

  • Optimise transport processes, assign shipping agencies and advertise shipping orders
  • Consolidate orders and transports optimised both centrally and for each office
  • Select shipping agencies, calculate shipping costs and print receipts
  • Exchange information with shipping agencies and carriers online via web platform
  • Use sanction and embargo lists for international shipping

Functional overview of SAP TM (excerpt)

SAP TM Overview

SAP Transport Management | DEMATIC North America 2020-03-12-千蠃国际官方网址


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