Convey and Transport:

Case & Tote Transport

Modular Conveyors That Meet Fast and Reliable Transportation Needs

Moving large volumes of packages through your facility can be challenging. Whether accumulating, routing, sequencing, or sorting, Dematic Case & Tote Transport solutions provide a reliable, accurate, and high-rate means of transportation.

Modular and flexible, Dematic Case & Tote Transport solutions can be configured to custom fit your unique layout and transportation needs. And they’re all controlled by Dematic iQ software, optimizing speed and accuracy.

How Case & Tote Transport Works

  1. Packages are manually or automatically identified and inducted into the case/tote transport system.
  2. Each package is tracked and sequenced to its designated destination point.

Dematic Products for Case & Tote Transport

  • Case & Tote Conveyors: Integrated package conveyor technology designed to provide flexible solutions.
  • Sortation Systems: Designed for diverse product handling and high throughput.
  • Software: Dematic iQ Optimize software is a Warehouse Execution System that optimizes labor, equipment, and processes. Dematic iQ InSights software unifies all operational, maintenance, and equipment data within and across facilities.
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Dematic 千蠃国际网址 Overview

Dematic is a global engineering company that designs, builds, & life cycle supports logistics solutions that optimize material & information flow—from receiving to shipping, within the four walls of the factory, warehouse, or distribution center.

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