Convey & Sort Systems for High-Volume Cross Docking

Dematic parcel processing and sorting solutions support low, medium, and high-volume operations from regional logistics service providers to large global parcel shipping corporations.

千蠃国际网址Dematic is an experienced partner that offers new and refurbished systems with quick returns on investment.

Parcel Industry Trends

  • Overall demand continues to increase as Internet retailing and new parcel shipping services continues to grow
  • Customers demand for a greater variety of package sizes, types, and weights
  • Regional centres to support faster delivery
  • Quality labour resources to maintain facilities are difficult to find
  • Regional centres to support 
  • Free shipping offered as purchasing incentive
  • Smaller order sizes, smaller packaging
  • 千蠃国际网址 delivery including perishables such as groceries and home healthcare products
Parcel Challenges

How Dematic Can Help

千蠃国际网址Dematic Parcel industry solutions leverage our complete knowledge of parcel sortation — from software and design to controls and hardware — to create the system that is right for your structure. The solutions optimise processes including inbound, in-line weighing, scanning, consolidation, sorting, and truck loading.

千蠃国际网址Dematic Parcel industry solutions include:

  • Automation that addresses labour issues such as scarcity and high turnover that add costs throughout the supply chain
  • High-density pallet storage systems that reduce transportation costs.
  • Processing capabilities for a wide variety of package sizes
  • Traceability controls and software to comply with product tracking regulations
  • Security for controlled products such as pharmaceuticals
  • Conveying and sorting capabilities to support next/same day delivery
Case Study


千蠃国际网址 Fairrington is an innovator of a logistics process known as co-palletization, which combines addressed, presorted mail from different sources into pallet-sized drop shipments. To support the process, Fairrington partnered with Dematic to design and implement the system.

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Case Study

Deutsche Post

The Challenge:
千蠃国际网址Dematic modernised the conveyor and control technology in the 16 biggest Deutsche Post AG postal sorting centres, bringing the conveyor and control technology to state-of-the-art status during ongoing operation.

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