Third-Party Logistics

千蠃国际网址 Systems for Warehouse Logistics Service Providers

千蠃国际网址Third-Party Logistic (3PL) companies are the go-to resource for providing scalable, flexible logistics services for a wide variety of products that save money for their customers.

Dematic has the solutions to support the Third-Party Logistic industry in providing those services efficiently and effectively.

Third-Party Logistics Industry Trends

  • Customers increasingly using 3PLs for e-Commerce order fulfilment
  • Globalization — support for multiple governmental requirements for shipping/exporting/importing
  • Growing number of customers accelerating the need for efficient and accurate multi-client facilities
  • Labour costs and competition squeezing margins
  • Increasing complexity of the size, type, and variety of products
  • Mergers and acquisitions making integrating logistics costly and difficult
  • Companies focusing on core competencies and leaving order fulfilment to 3PLs
3PL Challenges

How Dematic Can Help

Dematic knows the challenges of the Third-Party Logistics industry and is ready to be a partner in providing the best solution. Dematic technology and software optimises processes for receiving, storage, put-away, replenishment, case and piece picking, kitting, work-in-process storage, materials delivery, consolidation, order packing, and truck loading.

千蠃国际网址Dematic solutions for the Third-Party Logistics industry include:

  • Advanced software to optimise order fulfilment and provide insights into the operation
  • Flexibility for seasonal & promotional peaks and changing order profiles
  • Order fulfilment that shares inventory and labor to serve multiple channels
  • Faster and more efficient processing of returns — even with growing numbers of SKUs
  • Efficient processing of smaller and more complex orders
  • Automation that reduces dependency on warehouse labour
  • Configurations for dedicated e-Commerce or retail store fulfilment
Case Study

Hands-Free in Cold Storage

Operating in cold storage environments requires technologies that offer workers the freedom of movement needed to complete tasks efficiently in challenging situations. Voice-picking technology is ideally suited for cold storage settings, offering a hands-free, eyes-free, rugged design for increased productivity.

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Case Study

Keppel Logistics

The Challenge:
千蠃国际网址Keppel Logistics needed its material handling and IT systems to provide the flexibility necessary to meet a wide range of different service requirements.

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Typical Third Party Logistics 千蠃国际网址

Select functional areas to view typical solutions....

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Case & Tote Transport

Modular Conveyors That Meet Fast and Reliable Transportation Needs


The Direct Connection Between Inbound Freight and Outbound Orders

Eaches Transport

A Better Way to Move Individual Items for Omni-Channel Fulfillment

Pallet Transport

Reliable Conveyors, AGVs, and Monorails


The First Step in Improving Efficiency

Returns Handling

Fast, Accurate Processing of Returned Merchandise

Dematic iQ Overview

Performance Optimising Software

Garment-on-Hanger Storage

千蠃国际网址 Faster Cycle Times, Reduced Costs for the Warehouse and Customers

Pallet Storage

A Smarter Way to Optimise Storage Space

Tote (Carton) Storage

千蠃国际网址 Save Labour Costs, Increase Speed and Accuracy


Ultra High-Density Storage and Buffering for Goods-to-Person Piece Picking

Automated Mixed Case Order Fulfilment

千蠃国际网址 Rapid Fulfilment of Store-Ready Mixed Case Orders

Case Picking to Conveyor

Reducing Cost per Case — One Case at a Time

Case Picking to Pallet

千蠃国际网址 Hands-Free Directed Picking Improves Speed and Accuracy

Dynamic Pick Face Picking

Combine High-Density Storage with Operator-Friendly Ergonomics

Layer Order Fulfilment

Automated Fulfilment of Rainbow Pallets for a Wide Range of Packaging Types and Shapes

Batch to Putwall Picking

千蠃国际网址 Waveless Fulfillment for E-Commerce and Omni-Channel Orders

Batch to Sorter Picking

千蠃国际网址 High-Volume Piece Picking Made Simple

Cluster Picking

千蠃国际网址 Accurate and Efficient Hands-Free Each Picking

Goods-to-Person Picking

Maximise Picker Efficiency with over 1,000 Picks per Hour

Goods-to-Robot Picking

千蠃国际网址 The Ultimate in Automated Split Case Picking

Zone Route Picking

Maximise Throughput in High-Density Picking Environments


Efficient Packing, Value-Added 千蠃国际网址


Fast and Accurate Shipping with Real-Time Visibility

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