Robotic Systems

Lights-out Order Fulfillment

As customers demand faster, more accurate order fulfilment, distribution centres that rely on manual labour are struggling to keep pace. Dematic Robotic Systems replace scarce and expensive labour with automated solutions for key warehouse and back-of-store functions, including the last touch in the order fulfilment process.

千蠃国际网址 Dematic Robotic Systems seamlessly integrate into your operation as part of flexible, scalable, and modular solutions that meet your unique business needs.

Benefits of Dematic Robotic Picking Systems

  • Minimised Labour Costs: Shortages of qualified labour limit current and future productivity. Dematic Robotic Systems work 24/7 without taking a break. They augment other worker tasks and help improve the skill level of your workforce.
  • A Wide Variety of SKUs: Using sophisticated vision technology, Dematic Robotic Systems can distinguish different SKUs and their orientation to make decisions quickly. With a broad range of gripping and end-of-arm tooling technologies, the robotics can pick many shapes and sizes.
  • Maximised Performance with the Latest Technologies: Robots integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and visualization from sensors and cameras keep the operation at peak performance.
  • Upgrade Path Protects Your Investment: Modular architecture protects your investment, allowing upgrades of specific elements (such as vision and gripping technologies) as new options become available. Using IoT and cloud technologies, Dematic provides remote monitoring and maintenance options to keep robotics up to date.

Typical Solution Applications

Our Robotics Expertise

The focus of the Dematic Robotic Center of Excellence is to meet these business challenges by developing and implementing integrated robotics solutions. The solutions range from simple robotic pick stations to completely automated systems from receiving to shipping.

Robotic Picking

Robotic Piece Picking

Robotics Deep Learning Video

Dematic Robotic Deep Learning as a Game Changer in Smart Warehouses

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Robotic Piece Picking Module

The Robotic Piece Picking Module is the revolutionary system that selects, grips, lifts, and places individual items of varying sizes and shapes at the last stage of the fulfilment chain. Now your distribution centre can be lights out, from start to finish.

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